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We have spacious and comfortable accommodations and world-class amenities that travelers really love. Also, if you qualify, you can apply to join our exclusive vacation club. Also known as timeshare ownership, it allows travelers a chance to buy discounted vacation time in advance.

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If you’re curious about the best souvenirs to buy in Mexico, keep reading more below.

The Best Tequila & Mezcal

You probably already know that the best Tequila and mezcal in the world come from Mexico. In fact, tequila is one of the most important exports that is produced in Mexico. Tequila was first produced in the state of Jalisco in a small town by the same name.

If you happen to vacation in Puerto Vallarta, you can take a day trip tour to visit the town of Tequila where tequila was first made. Without a doubt, Mexico is the best place for top-quality tequila or mezcal.

During your travels in Mexico, make sure to sign up for tequila and mezcal tasting to learn more about the history and sample delicious spirits as well. A few of the best tequila brands include Herradura, Clase Azul, Don Julio, and El Silencio and 400 Conejos are popular mezcal brands.

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Unique Glassware & Blankets

Secondly, other popular souvenirs to buy in Mexico to take back home with you include handmade Mexican glassware and homemade blankets. These lovely souvenirs are also functional and make a perfect gift for friends or family members, too.

There are many various styles of Mexican glassware including wine glasses, margarita glasses, and shot glasses, and they are usually clear or pale blue with flecks of different colors within the glass.

In addition, traditional handmade Mexican blankets known as Serapes are another top souvenir to buy in Mexico. Usually containing a striped weave design, the durable blankets are made with natural fibers such as cotton or wool and come in various colors.

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Authentic Mexican Chocolate and Traditional Candies

You may not know, but Mexico is the birthplace of chocolate. In fact, 4,000 years ago in ancient Mesoamerica which is present-day Mexico the first chocolate was made.

There, the first cacao plants were used to prepare the chocolate that we all love today. In addition to Mexican chocolate, Mexico is famous for a wide variety of candies and sweets. Many contain sweet and spicy flavors from local fruits.

If you want something yummy to take back home, authentic Mexican chocolate and traditional Mexican candies make great souvenirs and gifts.

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Gorgeous Talavera Pottery

Last but not least, Talavera pottery is a type of beautiful pottery that was first introduced by the Spanish during the colonial era in the town of Puebla near Mexico City. Talavera pottery has delicate patterns and designs that are an important part of Mexico’s rich history.

For the best prices and selection, head to Puebla where the pottery was first produced. You can choose from tons of designs and styles including plates, plates, cups, spoons, salt and pepper shakers, and so much more.

Make sure to check the bottom of the pottery piece for a DO4 symbol which is the official Denominacion de Origen that is only stamped on original Talavera pottery.

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