If you want to enjoy a dream vacation to Cabo San Lucas, you may be wondering where to stay. Villa del Palmar Los Cabos and Villa La Valencia are luxury resorts that are part of our award-winning Villa Group Resorts collection. Situated on the Baja California Sur peninsula, Los Cabos is one of Mexico’s most popular coastal destinations.

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El Arco and Land’s End Rock Formations

To start with, Cabo is well known for having striking natural beauty including miles of beautiful beaches. In addition, there are various rock formations in the water that are interesting to explore. One of the most famous rock formations is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, which is also known as Land’s End or El Arco.

It took over a million years for the oceans to form the rock formation which was created by strong tides from the Sea of Cortez. Nearby, there are also great spots to go snorkeling including Pelican Rock Rock which overlooks the sea and is a great spot for whale-watching, too.

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Outdoor Adventures

Next, for adventure seekers during their vacation, you can explore the desert on an ATV tour or even by camelback. One of the best parts about Cabo is its pleasant dry climate and incredible desert landscapes that are beautiful to explore. The dry sunny climate is ideal for travelers who want to go mountain biking, hiking, or camelback riding in the desert.

Also, there is an adventure park located in a scenic canyon that has the largest zipline course in Baja and a glass floor funicular ride, too. If you enjoy hiking, there is a short yet scenic hike to Mt. Solmar. The moderately challenging hike reaches 440 feet at the top with views of Lands End and the Sea of Cortez.

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Relax on Cabo Beaches

Without a doubt, everyone who visits Cabo must spend time on the area’s iconic beaches. The most popular beach in town is Medano Beach, which is situated in one of the busiest areas of Cabo’s downtown. Medano Beach is ideal for swimming with gentle waves and warm waters. Also, you can also go parasailing, rent a jet ski, or take a banana boat ride from the beach as well.

There are also many restaurants and bars near the beach, too. If you want a quieter beach, visit Chileno Beach which has calm, azure blue waters that are some of the prettiest in the area. The beach has a Blue Flag safety rating, and it’s an ideal beach for snorkeling, swimming, or just laying back and relaxing on the sand.

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Natural History Museum

Last but not least, if you’d like to learn more about the history and geography of Los Cabos, spend some time at The Natural History Museum in Cabo. The museum has geological & archaeological displays about Baja California Sur. Guests can explore scientific collections of paleontology, geology, paleo-biology, and paleoanthropology. There are also remains of marine mammals, birds, and reptiles that were found in the area, too.

In fact, the museum contains the archaeological remains of the skeleton of a Pericú woman known as Edue or Cora, who belonged to an ethnic group that inhabited the southern part of the Baja California peninsula. In addition, there is also a representation of the area’s seabed including details about the migration of dolphins and whales, and the preservation of sea turtles, and there are displays of instruments used by sailors, too. Lastly, they have a room dedicated to facts about astronomy, geology, and paleontology as well.

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