If you are planning a visit to Cabo San Lucas soon, you are in for a real treat! One of Mexico’s most popular vacation hot spots, Cabo is found on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula Sur. The area has a warm climate, beautiful beaches, and stunning desert landscapes.

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In the meantime, keep reading below to learn where to find the best tacos in Cabo.


#1 Taco Bar at Villa del Palmar Los Cabos

To start with, one of the best places to get amazing tacos in Cabo is at Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas. The Taco Bar is one of the newest restaurants located on the resort grounds.

There, they offer a tasty menu of tacos including grilled steak, chicken, fish, and marinated pork tacos. Plus, they have fresh salsas and toppings to make sure every taco is perfectly made the way you want it. Also, the resort has an inviting and relaxing environment that perfectly pairs with the great food, friendly staff, and stunning Sea of Cortez views.

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#2 Taqueria Rossy

Secondly, Taqueria Rossy is a local’s favorite for affordable and tasty tacos that is located in San Jose del Cabo. There, they have been serving amazing fish tacos since 1991 and specialize in the Baja-style fish taco.

Baja fish tacos are made with fresh white fish that is breaded, then fried. In addition to fish tacos, they also make amazing shrimp and scallop tacos, too. Then, you can opt to add fresh toppings to your tacos including avocado slices, chili peppers, cabbage slaw, onions, and spicy salsa.

#3 Las Guacamayas

Next, another great place to get amazing tacos is located in Cabo San Lucas called Las Guacamayas. They serve authentic Mexican cuisine including amazing tacos, and more than 50 combination Mexican dishes.

Not sure what to order? Try the chorizo tacos which have earned rave reviews from past guests. In addition, their menu also has wonderful quesadillas, soups, and changes which are fried quesadillas, too.

If you’re thirsty, make sure to order one of their famous giant margaritas to accompany your meal. Also, the restaurant has a quaint garden adorned with lights that create an inviting atmosphere, too.

#4 El Gran Pastor

Fourthly, Taquería El Gran Pastor is a stand-up taco shop that doesn’t have seating, but it’s a fun place to grab tacos if you are out on the town late at night. Their specialty is tacos al pastor which is shredded and marinated sliced pork that is cut from a giant spit of meat.

Cooked on a vertical spit that is charred by a flame to caramelize the meat, the tasty al pastor tacos are served in a corn tortilla and topped with fresh cilantro, onions, and juicy pineapple slices. You can also add spicy salsa to your taste as well. Last but not least, El Gran Pastor is very affordable and 2 tacos only cost around $2 US dollars.

#5 El Ahorcado

Next, El ahorcado is a cozy restaurant with quirky decor found in San José del Cabo. It is decorated with old pots, pans, sombreros, and tchotchkes on the walls to create a fun environment where you can enjoy your meal. They have great tacos and also some unique dishes such as beef tongue in mustard sauce, cochinita pibil, Cantonese-style beef rib, and bufalada which are tacos with chopped-up hot dogs. Make sure to add spicy salsa and fresh garnishes that are found at each table as well.

#6 Asi y Asado

Lastly, Asi y Asado is an open-air restaurant in the Cabo Corridor area that is open from 10 am to 9pm daily. There, they have 14 different types of tacos to choose from including Fish, El Pastor, Chicken, Barbacoa, Annacharra, Chorizo, Marinated Skirt Steak, Grilled Octopus, Smoked Tuna, and more.

Not sure what to try? If you want a crunch taco, try the Vampiros which are served in a hard corn shell taco and filled with meat and cheese of your choice. Also, they make tasty and refreshing juices or “agua frescas” every day such as hibiscus and watermelon, or lime with chia seeds.

We hoped you enjoyed our list of the best tacos in Cabo. If you’d like to book a vacation to Cabo, contact us at Villa del Palmar Los Cabos today. We have travel packages and deals going on right now to enjoy a luxury vacation in Baja.

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