Do you know about the holiday tradition Las Posadas in Mexico? This is an amazing celebration, and if you have never participated in the celebrations, then keep reading, so you can learn all about Mexico posadas. Las Posadas means “The Inns” in Spanish, and this is a religious holiday that is celebrated in Mexico from December 16-24th. Some areas in the United States and Latin American countries also observe this religious holiday. The religious celebration is symbolic of Joseph and Mary’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem when they were searching for a safe place for Mary to give birth to baby Jesus. Los Posadas has been a religious holiday in Mexico for more than 400 years. Today, Posadas are enjoying cozy nights spent with loved ones singing, breaking bread, and spreading holiday joy and cheer. Read below to learn how you can visit Mexico and attend a traditional posada.

Posadas Heritage

Way back in the late 1500’s, Friar Diego de Soria received a Papal bill from Pope Sixtus V, which stated that celebrations were to be observed during the nine days prior to Christmas Day. While the holiday celebration’s heritage is based in Catholicism, some people believe the start of Las Posadas goes back to Augustine priests who were teaching the Aztec people about their religion. Nowadays, Los Posadas are being celebrated in many places, which include the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Spain, Honduras, Guatemala, and Cuba. Las Posadas is celebrated from December 16th through December 24th, and it officially ends on Christmas Eve. Midnight mass is the final night and it is also known as Misa de Gallo (Mass of the Rooster).

Traditional Posadas TodayTamales

Las Posadas celebrations will usually include sparklers and piñatas. Family and friends will come together for the posada celebrations where they will sing joyful songs from door to door. They will also enjoy delicious traditional foods and drinks. For a traditional posada dinner, you can have tamales, mole, buñuelos, atole, and café de olla. A piñata will be brought out after dinner, so the young people can have their own fun. Most of the holiday parties that are held in Mexico are referred to as a posada. Schools and businesses will often host posadas for their students, teachers and workers, too.

Essentials for PosadasPosada walk with a candle in the hands

Are you wanting to host a posada, but you don’t know what the essentials are for posadas? First, you will give every person a candle and several sparklers. While everyone is singing and the procession also known as Caminata is underway, you will light the sparklers. Then, people will be divided into two groups, which are the “outside” group and the “inside” group. The outside group represents Joseph and Mary and the inside group represents the innkeepers. Together the groups begin singing back and forth. Some of the singers will go towards the door and start singing, then the group inside will respond back in song until they open the door.

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