Have you visited the top Mexican beach destination Puerto Vallarta? Located on the Pacific Coast in Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta is very popular with vacationers from around the world. In 2011, the Puerto Vallarta Malecon boardwalk was remodeled, and the boardwalk is only for people and cyclists. There, you can find the famous Los Archos or the Arches that were located near the plaza that are a popular place to take travel pictures? The arches you see today are replicas as the original Los Arches that were brought to Puerto Vallarta were irreparably damaged by Hurricane Kenna in 2002. In addition, the Malecon boardwalk is home to beautiful sculptures made of bronze, stones, and other materials. Make sure to walk on the Malecon on your next vacation in Puerto Vallarta to check out the unique works of art in person. In the meantime, continue to read below to learn about the sculptures.

1. Caballero del Mar 1976 by Rafael Zamarripa

To begin with, one of the best-known Puerto Vallarta’s symbols on the Malecon boardwalk is the Caballero del Mar or “Caballito del Mar”, which was made in 1976 by Rafael Zamarripa. The sculpture is called “The Boy on the Seahorse”, and this is a famous landmark and great place to take a picture in PV.

2. The Millennium 2001 by Mathis Lidice

Next, another notable sculpture on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon boardwalk is the Millennium. This wonderful sculpture represents the passage of time through the millenniums. The sculpture was added to the boardwalk in 2001, and Mathis Lidice is the sculptor.

3. La Nostalgia 1984 by Ramiz Barquet

Puerto Vallarta Malecon Sculpture, La Nostalgia 1984 by Ramiz Barquet

Thirdly, another interesting sculpture on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon Boardwalk is La Nostalgia and it features a young couple gazing out towards the town of Puerto Vallarta. The sculpture was added to the boardwalk in 2001 and Ramiz Barquet is the sculpture. It is a tribute to his wife who he met at a young age, but didn’t marry her until they ran into each other decades later on the Malecon.

4. La Rotunda del Mar 1997 by Alejandro Colunga

The Rotunda of the Sea in Puerto Vallarta malecon

The La Rotunda of the Sea has 8 high back chairs in bronze. The sculpture offers visitors a nice place to rest and look at the stunning views of the Banderas Bay along their stroll on the Malecon. The sculpture was added in 1997, and Alejandro Colunga is the sculptor.

5. En Búsqueda de la Razón 1999 by Sergio Bustamante

Another notable sculpture on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon Boardwalk is the En Búsqueda de la Razón. The sculpture is called “In Search of Reason”, which is a tall ladder where two children are climbing up as they are reaching up to the sky. Down below, their mother stands with her hands open as if beckoning them back down or sending them support and encouragement to reach their dreams. The sculpture was added to the boardwalk in 1999, and the sculpture is by Sergio Bustamante.

6. Triton and the Nereid 1990 Carlos Espino

Next, Triton and the Nereid is a beautiful sculpture that is based around the Greek Triton figure who was actually the son of a sea god Poseidon. The sculpture was added to the boardwalk in 1990, and Carlos Espino is the sculptor.

7. Bailarines de Vallarta 2006 by Jim Demetro

Last but not least, the Bailarines de Vallarta sculpture represents “Vallarta Dancers” with a couple wearing vibrant folklore dance costumes. The sculpture was added to the boardwalk in 2006, and the sculpture was by Jim Demetro. Folklore dance and music is a big part of Mexico’s rich and unique heritage culture.

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