July is coming to an end which means the summer season is more than halfway over. In Puerto Vallarta, summer months bring increased temperatures and extra humidity compared to other times of the year. In addition, the rainy season occurs during the summer as well. Visitors to Puerto Vallarta during the summer can expect days with mixed sun and clouds and afternoon rain storms that refresh the flora in the area back to a vibrant, lush green after months of no rain. Summertime in Puerto Vallarta is also hurricane season as well. In general, PV does not receive many hurricanes to the area thanks to the natural protection of Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre mountain range. However, if you want to know about hurricanes in Puerto Vallarta, keep reading below to learn more.

What to Know About Hurricanes in Puerto Vallarta

If you didn’t know, Puerto Vallarta is situated on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in Banderas Bay. Banderas Bay is the 7th largest bay in the world and the largest in the country. As far as hurricanes are concerned, wind speeds must reach at least 74 mph before they are considered a hurricane. As a hurricane passes over the ocean, they increase wind strength. Then, once they make landfall they tend to decrease in severity. However, they are unpredictable and can be referred to as tropical cyclones, too. The Sierra Madre Mountain range surrounds the bay and creates a natural barrier to protect Puerto Vallarta from serious storms. In general, Puerto Vallarta is considered a very safe spot to visit even during the hurricane season. During the summer months, tropical rainstorms tend to occur in the afternoons. In the evening and at night, beautiful lightning shows often light up the Bay.

What Hurricanes Have Hit Puerto Vallarta?

Are you wondering what hurricanes have hit Puerto Vallarta in the past? In general, Puerto Vallarta only has a few serious hurricanes in its history. In fact, Puerto Vallarta has only been hit by a serious hurricane 3 times in the last 50 years. Well-known hurricanes that made landfall in Puerto Vallarta are Hurricane Patricia and Hurricane Katia. Hurricane Patricia is considered the strongest and most intense hurricane storm to ever exist in the entire world. The hurricane had incredible wind speeds at sea of 345 km/h or 215 mph. Thankfully, the eye of the storm Hurricane Patricia made landfall south of PV and didn’t cause too much damage to the town. In general, July through October are the months when hurricanes are more common in Puerto Vallarta. These months also have the highest temperatures of the year as well. Cooler temps arrive in November when hurricane season ends.

Hurricane Safety Tips

Hurricanes are a natural disaster that can cause chaos to people and structures due to the high wind speeds. After a hurricane has passed, heavy rains occur that also cause severe flooding and additional damages. If you are visiting Puerto Vallarta during a hurricane, follow these tips to stay safe. Villa Group Resorts have been built to withstand intense winds so you can feel secure staying there. Always follow staff recommendations and recommendations from the local authorities. If you visit Puerto Vallarta this summer, you’ll also get to see amazing lightning shows over Banderas Bay. Plus, airfare is more affordable during the summer and there are less crowds and traffic which is a bonus. If you need a great place to stay, Villa Group resorts have top quality amenities and spacious accommodations. Also, we have an exclusive vacation club membership so you can always vacation with the best.

As you can see, the summer is still a great time to take a vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Remember, if you are in Puerto Vallarta during a hurricane, follow recommendations from the staff and you and your family will be safe. Stay indoors and away from windows, and listen to local television or radio for updates. Resort packages tend to cost less during the summer, and flights to Mexico are often less expensive as well. Plus, there is less traffic and smaller crowds at the beach when compared with winter’s high season. Ready to book a last minute vacation to paradise? Call Villa Group Resorts today to take advantage of special all-inclusive travel packages that are on sale right now. Isn’t it time to treat yourself and your loved ones to a wonderful Mexican getaway? Call us today and we’ll reserve a luxurious beachfront suite for you!


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