On Mexico’s Pacific Coast you can find Puerto Vallarta, one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Situated in Banderas Bay which is Mexico’s largest bay and the 7th largest bay in the world, millions of tourists visit Puerto Vallarta each year to enjoy the miles of beautiful beaches. Also, Puerto Vallarta is a very biodiverse region that is surrounded by the lush Sierra Madre mountains and Banderas Bay that are inhabited by numerous animals, reptiles, and marine life.

In addition, there are great restaurants, shopping, bars, and endless outdoor activities to enjoy as well. To book a PV vacation, contact Villa del Palmar to reserve your stay. Owned by the prestigious Villa Group Resorts, they have elegant beachfront suites, world class amenities, and VIP services. Right now all-inclusive travel packages are on sale that are selling out fast. Meanwhile, read below to learn about Puerto Vallarta wildlife.

Puerto Vallarta Wildlife

For starters, there is a large variety of species of animals that live in the Sierra Madre mountains that surround Puerto Vallarta. For example, you may see white tailed deer, coyotes, wild pigs, rabbits, armadillos, skunks, and badgers. In general, these animals tend to live deep in the jungle, so they are not often seen by visitors unless they go hiking or riding in the mountains.

Likewise, there are many different cat species that live in the mountains as well including margays, ocelots, pumas, jaguars, and jaguarundis. In Puerto Vallarta, you can find crocodiles, iguanas, and all sorts of lizards, too. In fact, crocodiles are often spotted at the marina golf course or even swimming in the ocean from time to time.

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Marine Life in Banderas Bay

Next, Banderas Bay is an incredibly biodiverse bay that measures 25 miles across and is inhabited by all sorts of marine life. For example, some of the most common fish in the bay include sailfish, tuna, snapper, black marlin, seabass, and blue martin. Also, there are also many sea turtles that return to the Banderas Bay shores each year to lay their eggs. The female sea turtle actually returns to the exact spot that she was born to lay her own eggs.

In Puerto Vallarta, jellyfish are seasonal creatures, and are most often seen during the spring and summer months. They aren’t dangerous, but they can sting you which does hurt a bit. Sharks are not common in the area, but each winter humpback whales migrate to the bay to mate and birth their young in the warm waters during the months of November through April. If you haven’t gone whale watching before, you should definitely take a tour during your PV visit.

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Birds in Puerto Vallarta

In addition to animals and marine life, there are also a lot of birds that live in and around Puerto Vallarta as well. In fact, there are more than three hundred and fifty different species of birds that inhabit Banderas Bay. In the mountains, you can find parrots, cockatoos, and gray hawk birds. Closer to the shoreline, you may see pelicans, seagulls, hummingbirds, white garzas, and bat falcons.

Some people say that El Tuito is the best place to go bird watching, which is a small town located an hour south from Puerto Vallarta. There, you can go bird watching and stroll through the charming town to really immerse yourself in the inviting ambiance of a truly authentic small town in Mexico.

As you can see, there are lots of animals, reptiles, marine life and more that inhabit Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas. To visit PV in person, contact us at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta. We are a family-friendly luxury resort and have affordable all-inclusive travel packages on sale right now so you can pamper your loved ones with a dream vacation to PV.

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