Did you know that Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful town located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in stunning Banderas Bay? The area is known for its pleasantly warm weather year-round, and stunning Sierra Madre jungle views. While the summer is packed with intense heat and humidity, the rest of the year has great weather that is perfect for outdoor fun and activities. The high season is finally here along with excellent weather, which includes clear blue skies most days. In Puerto Vallarta, there are numerous fun outdoor activities you can enjoy such as going swimming, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, riding bikes, and hiking. If you will be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta and want to go hiking, we have provided the 4 best hikes in Puerto Vallarta. Before you go hiking, make sure to wear proper shoes, wear sunscreen and a hat, and drink plenty of water. Keep reading more below.

#1 Las Animas

To start with, Las Animas is probably the most popular hike in Puerto Vallarta. The Las Animas hike will start in a charming village located 20 minutes south of downtown PV known as Boca de Tomatlan. There, you will start your hike by crossing over the river via a hanging bridge. Then, stay on the hiking path which follows the coastline. This hike is a bit tricky in some sections, so make sure you are wearing proper shoes. When you reach the petite and pretty Playa Colomitos, walk across the small beach, and then take a big step up along the rocks to get back on the hiking path. Next, you will pass several small boutique hotels and yoga retreats until you arrive in Las Animas. There, you will find tons of great beachfront restaurants to pick from to enjoy a great lunch.

#2 Palo Maria

Next, Palo Maria is the second of the 4 best hikes in Puerto Vallarta. This hiking path can be accessed easily from the main road near the Garza Blanca Preserve. From there, all hikers will have to follow the hiking path next to the river up into the lush jungle. The trees will keep you shaded during the day, and you will be able to cool off once you get to the Palo Maria swimming hole and waterfall. The swimming hole is freshwater, and it’s the perfect place to take a refreshing dip. Plan ahead and bring a lunch with you, so you can enjoy a picnic in this hidden tropical oasis, too.

#3 Cerro del Mono

Monkey Mountain Sayulita Hike

Cerro del Mono is the third of the 4 best hikes in Puerto Vallarta. Cerro del Mono means Monkey Mountain in English. The Cerro del Mono hike starts in Higuera Blanca, which is a small coastal town about 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta in the neighboring state of Riviera Nayarit. Many hikers enjoy the numerous palm trees and the lush fauna along the trail. You will continue to hike until you reach the lookout point, which will give you some of the best views of Banderas Bay and Punta Mita. Make sure to bring your camera because it’s the perfect place to take pictures of your amazing vacation to Mexico.

#4 Mirador de La Cruz

Mirador de la Cruz View in Puerto Vallarta

The last of the 4 best hikes in Puerto Vallarta is the Mirador de La Cruz. This is the perfect hike to see the city and the bay at the same time. To start the hike, you will begin on the Malecon Boardwalk. There will be hand painted signs to guide you, then when you see a long set of stairs. Hikers will have to climb up many steep stairs until they reach the tower. From there, hikers will be rewarded with beautiful views of Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta. It’s a fun and exhilarating urban hike that all visitors to the area should try out.

Did you enjoy reading about the top 4 hikes in Puerto Vallarta? Will you be visiting Puerto Vallarta soon? If you are, which one of the hikes will you want to go on first? Let us know below. If you need a great place to stay during your vacation, check out Villa Group Resorts. Our resorts are perfect for family getaways and romantic vacations, too. Plus, we have an exclusive vacation club membership available for qualified travelers. Vacation club members love knowing that every time they travel they will be thoroughly satisfied with the accommodations and amenities, and they save money in the long run as well. Also, we have a Beachfront Rewards program that allows members to earn credits when they refer friends and family to join, too. Specials on all-inclusive travel packages are available right now, so contact us at Villa Group to book your Mexico vacation today.


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