Mexico is a beautiful and stunning country with numerous flora and fauna. In Mexico, there are more than 108,000 species of animals, flora, and fauna. Cacti, poinsettias, dahlias, and salvias are native Mexico flora. Around the world you can see these plants in gardens. Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta are top tourist destinations in Mexico, and millions of people yearly come to enjoy their stunning beaches, flora and fauna. The flora and fauna are abundant due to the great climate. If you’re wondering where to stay in the area, check out the Villa Group Resorts. They have several lovely properties in Banderas Bay. Plus, they have a quality vacation club membership for travelers who want the best for their families. In the meantime, read below to learn more about Banderas Bay flora and fauna.

Banderas Bay Flora and Fauna

Banderas Bay is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico and meets the Western Sierra Madre lush jungle to create a beautiful environment. The climate is warm and tropical and it assists in keeping the flora and fauna healthy. The thick vegetation of the Western Sierra Madre grows down to the Pacific Ocean’s edge. This alluring environment has provided a safe place for a variety of insects, mammals, and reptiles. In addition, there are many 400 different bird species in Banderas Bay, and more than 300 orchid species as well.


The Sierra Madre Mountains jungle has many different tree species. The parotta, ficus, busera, and cedar are the common tree species. The coconut trees are beautiful and transform the jungle. The orchid plant species are very important in Banderas Bay. The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens has the largest orchid species in Mexico, and they also have created a micropropagation laboratory for any flower species that is in danger of being extinct. Many delicious tropical fruits are grown in Banderas Bay and they are mangos, avocados, coconuts, and guamuchiles.


The Sierra Madre Mountains provide much needed shelter and food to many different animal species. There are even unusual animals here, which are the nocturnal badger, nine banded armadillo, white nosed coati, and the cat sized armored mammal. Jaguars, margays, jaguars, and ocelots are four felines that are important in Banderas Bay. Green and spiny tailed iguanas, crocodiles, snakes, and beaded lizards are common reptiles here, too.

Marine Life

Outstanding marine diversity is in Banderas Bay. Many marine life species are protected in the Banderas Bay. There are many common fish in the Banderas Bay and they are the black and blue marlin, sea bass, red snapper, and sailfish. Local conservationists do everything they can possibly do to improve the survival rates for the sea turtles. When you are on vacation in Banderas Bay, you will want to attend a baby sea turtle release. It is a very touching and magical thing to witness that everyone in the family will enjoy. Last but not least, there are several dolphin species that call Banderas Bay home, and they include the bottlenose, spotted, and the spinner dolphins.

Humpback Whales

During the winter months from December through April, the majestic humpback whales return to Banderas Bay. The humpback whales love the Banderas Bay’s warmer waters, and this is the time that they mate and birth their young. If you go on a whale watching tour, you may see the humpback whales engaging in various behaviors, which could include them rubbing their bodies, being vocal, flippers will pat, slapping the water, and rolling on the water. A humpback baby whale has a gestation period of 11 months. Make sure you book a whale watching tour, so you can see these amazing gentle giant whales up close and in person.

You can clearly see that Banderas Bay has a large variety of flora and fauna. Remember, the Villa Group Resorts is the place to stay on a vacation to Mexico. They have several luxurious resorts that are excellent including the Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Mar, Villa del Palmar Flamingos, and Villa La Estancia. In addition, they are having a special sale for vacation packages right now. You should also inquire to see if you can join their exclusive vacation club. Members also get to earn credits every time they refer a friend or family member to join as well. The Beachfront Rewards program is a great way to share the joys of traveling in style with loved ones, and earn credits to upgrade your own vacations, too. Contact the Villa Group soon, so you can enjoy the Banderas Bay flora and fauna.


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